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Nutrition & You: Choose & Make Healthy Snacks




About the Course

Start your day on a nutritious note by joining us to delve into the world of nutrition and delicious healthy snacks. This interactive class, available both online via Zoom and in-person, is designed to empower students to make informed choices about their diet while enjoying tasty treats.

During each session, we'll explore the nutritional benefits of various foods and food groups, equipping you with the knowledge to make wholesome selections. From there, you'll have the opportunity to apply what you've learned by preparing and savoring nutritious snacks.

Leading the class is Erin, a certified Nutrition Coach with expertise in guiding individuals towards healthier lifestyles. Joining her is Gina, whose years of instruction and personal commitment to wellness make her a valuable addition to our team.

Don't miss out on this chance to nourish your body and expand your culinary skills. We look forward to embarking on this flavorful journey with you!

Your Instructor

Gina Frisina, Erin Vlasak

Gina Frisina, Erin Vlasak
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