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Djembe Drumming: Percussion & Music History




About the Course

Come join us for an exciting journey into the world of rhythm with our Djembe Drumming: Percussion and Music History class, led by the talented Jerome Liggon. Whether you prefer virtual learning via Zoom or in-person sessions at our Smithtown, NY location, this class promises an engaging and interactive experience.

Discover the captivating art of hand drumming as Jerome shares his expertise in percussion techniques and delves into the rich history of drumming and percussion. You'll not only learn to create mesmerizing rhythms but also gain insights into the cultural significance of these instruments.

Join our vibrant community as we explore the rhythmic world of drumming together! Don't worry if you don't have a drum—just let us know, and we'll arrange one for you. And for those seeking personalized instruction, ask us about our 1:1 individual coaching opportunities!

Your Instructor

Jerome Liggon

Jerome Liggon
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