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Above and Beyond
Community Classes, Inc.

Take a class... join a community.

  Welcome To Above and Beyond Community Classes, offered through our nonprofit, Blue Umbrella Experience, Inc. 

     As we approach our third year anniversary, we are beyond grateful to have grown to a community of over 100 incredible students. And that has been done with a lot of love and laughter- both virtually and in-person! 

     Our connected community continues to grow virtually and in-person at our location at 35 West Main St in Smithtown, NY, where we offer a variety of professionally taught fitness, health and wellness, creative arts, and enrichment classes. We believe in the importance of continuing to offer the virtual option along with in-person classes. Come visit when you can and join us for lunch at Jason's Café down the hall from our suite. We look forward to seeing you!

      Enrollment is thoughtfully limited for personalized attention so please email our director, Christy Hawkins at as soon as you choose your courses.

     We are grateful to be growing alongside you as you strive towards meaningful social connections and an enriching, independent life!

To visit our 'What's Happening' page!

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