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Welcome to Above and Beyond Community Classes,
proudly offered through our nonprofit, Blue Umbrella Experience, Inc.


Join our community of over 150+ students, as we explore a range of professionally taught enrichment classes. Committed to inclusivity, we offer both virtual and in-person classes that cater to students of all abilities.

Reach out to schedule a visit or experience a free trial class!

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Summer Session!

Dive into our summer courses and uncover exciting new opportunities to broaden your horizons! Visit our Summer Course Page and Download our Summer Catalog below!

Summer Session begins on July 5. Register today!


Above and Beyond Community Classes

Discover how variety makes Above and Beyond Community Classes a personalized experience for all students.

All Subjects, Above and Beyond Community Classes


Explore a variety of subjects, from money management to character analysis of Disney heroes!

Check out our classes page and download our course catalog for a comprehensive view of all the classes offered.
All Abilities, Above and Beyond Community Classes


No matter your skill level or ability, everyone is encouraged to join.

Our instructors excel in differentiated instruction, guaranteeing students 
progress at their own pace, ensuring an enriching learning experience for all.
All Budgets, Above and Beyond Community Classes


Our dynamic & interactive 8-week courses are priced at a wallet-friendly $360.

If this doesn't quite align with your budget, don't worry. Reach out to our Executive Director, Christy Hawkins, at to explore alternative options.


There's something for everyone with our Above and Beyond Community Classes! From practical like skills to historical studies and more, we have a range of subjects and courses designed to provide our students with a well-rounded educational experience.

Within our catalog, you will see we have
divided our courses by 6 major courses of study.


  • Health/Wellness

  • Creative Arts/Performance

  • History/Cultural Studies

  • English Language Arts/Communication

  • STEM/Science

  • Other (Various)


For a complete overview of the courses and

subjects offered, download our latest

course catalog.


Above and Beyond Community Class Offerings
Above and Beyond Community Classes
Above and Beyond Community Classes


Above and Beyond Community Classes

Our instructors bring a wealth of expertise and experience to their designated subjects, ensuring high-quality instruction tailored to meet the diverse needs of our students. Our dedicated team of instructors are

  • Skilled and experienced in their respective fields

  • Proficient in working with students of all abilities

  • Committed to differentiated instruction to accommodate individual learning styles

  • Focused and self-motivated lifelong learners

Guided by the mission of our nonprofit, Blue Umbrella Experience, Inc., our instructors create a safe and supportive learning environment where students can thrive. They empower young adults of all abilities, fostering personal growth and self-expression in every class. To learn more about our instructors, visit our team page!


Smithtown Main Street
Blue Umbrella Experience


Most of our courses are offered both in-person and virtually, giving you the flexibility to choose the format that suits your preferences and location.

Don't live near Smithtown or feel uncomfortable in group settings? We've got you covered.

Take a look at our course catalog to see all which courses you can take in-person or virtually, below! 


If you have any questions, are interested in taking a class, would like to donate to our cause, or just want to learn more, please don't hesitate to reach out!

35 W Main Street, Smithtown, New York, 11787


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